Tabata Burpees






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Workout 1 – Air America Tabata Burpees

A. Air Straddle Burpees
B.Side Jump Tuck Burpees





Workout 2 – The Bodybuilder Tabata Burpees

A. 8 Count Bodybuilder Burpees
B. Burpee Wide Leg Thrusters – 4 Thrusts and Jump





Workout 3 – The Climb of Death

A. Everest Climber Burpees
B. Sprint Climber Burpees





Workout 4 – Building Breakdown

A. Quad Thrust Burpee with Jump

B. Burpee Plank to Push Up Builders





Workout 5 – The Burpecutioner

A. Triple Plyo Squat Burpee

B. Alt One-Arm Burpee Thrusters





Workout 6 – Don’t Walk Out

A. Walk Out Burpees

B. Alternating Knee Tuck Burpees





Workout 7 – 6 Count Toe Touch

A. Crab Toe Touch Burpees

B. 6 Count Burpees





Workout 8 – Jump to Victory

A. Double Burpee Thrusters with Jump

B. Jump Forward and Back Tuck Jump Burpees





Workout 9 – Namaste Burpee

A. Yoga Burpees

B. Air Straddle Burpees with Jump





Workout 10 – Kickboxer Thai Burpee

A. Reverse Knee Strike Burpees

B. Front Leg Kick Burpees





Workout 11 – Bionic Burpees

A. Chin Up Burpees

B. Plyo Push Up Burpees





Workout 12 – MMA Sucker punch Burpee Finisher

A. Combo Sprawls – Throw a combo then burpee

B. Kick Thru Toe Touch Burpees





Workout 13 – MMA No Takedowns

A. BURPEE Sprawls

B. Burpee Knees





Workout 14 – Core Authority Burpees

A. Burpee Side Plank Reach Under Burpees

B. Side Jump Slalom Burpees





Workout 15 – Burpee Rippers

A. Burpee Flash Jacks

B. Burpee Plank Ups





Workout 16 – Burpees of Rage

A. Double Push Out Blast Off Burpees

B. Reverse Burpees





Workout 17 – No Burpees No Glory

A. Knee Tuck Burpee Thrusters

B. Alternating Side Slalom Burpees





Workout 18 – Burpees of the Stars

A. Superstar Burpees

B. Roller Knee Up Burpees





Workout 19 – Superhero Burpees #1 – Smash in a Flash

A. Flash Burpees – Stealth Burpees

B. Hulk Burpees – Tuck Jump





Workout 20 – Superhero Burpee #2 Up Up and Away

A. Superman Burpees

B. Spiderman Burpees





Workout 21 – Star Gazing Burpees

A. Split Burpees (X-Wing Burpees)

B. Jumping Star Burpees





Workout 22 – Widespread Burpees

A. Close to Wide Plank Burpees

B. Wide Leg Superstar Burpees





Workout 23 – Build it Up Burpees

A. Alternating Single Leg Lift Push Up Burpees

B. Spread Leg Burpees





Workout 24 – Back to Basics Burpees

A. Basic Burpee

B. Step Back Thrusters