Equipment-Based Burpee Finisher

In this category you will find burpee finisher using a specific piece of exercise equipment. This not only adds extra resistance to each movement but it Jacks Up the intensity of the circuit. For example: You may use a kettlebell, dumbbell, sandbag or even Lebert Equalizer’s for each Finisher.



Kettlebell Chronicles


Ring My Bell – Beginner – Advanced




Kettlebells – Rock the Bells – Intermediate – Advanced




The Bell Tolls for Thee – Single KB Burpees – Advanced




Hells Bells -Advanced





Battle Rope Burpees – Intermediate – Advanced




Smash Ball Burpees – Intermediate – Advanced




Dumbbell Doomsday Burpees – Intermediate to Advanced
(Upper body and Core)




Dumbbell Burpees – Demolition Dumbbells – Intermediate – Advanced




Dumbbell Dynasty Burpees – Intermediate – Advanced




Bench Burpees – “The Unbelievable Sidewinder”
Intermediate – Advanced
feat. Trainer Ben




Bench Burpees – “Buck’Em Bronco” – Advanced




Bench Burpees – Bench City Burpees – Intermediate to Advanced




Barbell Burpees – CrossFit Bloodbath Barbell Burpees- Advanced




Med Ball Mania Burpees – Intermediate to Advanced




BOSU Ball Burpees – “Power Up” Intermediate to Advanced




Plyo Box Burpees -Touch the Sky – Advanced




Sandbag Burpees – Enter the Sandstorm Burpees – Intermediate – Advanced




Lebert Equalizer Burpees – “Live and Let Die”
Intermediate to Advance




Lebert Equalizer Burpees – The Equalizer Burpees
Intermediate to Advance




Burpees: Equipment – Bags, Bells and Burpees
Intermediate – Advanced