Bodyweight Burpee Finishers

Just like the category name describes these are circuits using bodyweight only. These are perfect burpee finisher to use anywhere, anytime and if you are a bootcamp trainer, this is a the best way to end off one of your sessions (before the group stretch and cool down of course)








“Cyborg Attack” Burpees – Advanced




“Show and Prove” Burpees – Intermediate to Advanced




Animal Burpees – Tame the Wild Beast




“Body count” Burpees – Intermediate to Advanced




“Spread Em” – Intermediate – Advanced




Ninja Bodyweight Blast Burpees – Intermediate – Advanced




Pistol Wielding




Big Shot Burpees – Intermediate – Advance




One Armed Bandit Burpees – Advanced




“Wide World of Burpees” – Intermediate to Advanced




“Just Kickin It” Burpees – Intermediate – Advanced




Time Travelling Burpees – Intermediate – Advanced




“Burpee Beast” – Advanced




License to Burpee – Intermediate – Advanced




Locked Up Burpees – Intermediate to Advanced